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Short Studies

Summer Studies and Short Courses

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Listed below are our short term Summer Studies. These studies were usually 6-7 hours long and focused on key theological or biblical topics.

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Summer Studies

Summer Study 2005: The Heart of the Matter

One of the most difficult issues and questions that we all have to deal with is that of pain and suffering. Why does Father-God allow so much suffering in our world. Why does Father-God allow so much pain in our lives? These questions are dealt with in the Scriptures and we are pointed toward Jesus with each answer.

Summer Study 2010: The Heart of the Matter

At the core of our existence lies the human heart; not the organ that pumps blood through the body, but the "spiritual organ" from which all of our life flows. Our thoughts, desires, and emotions all flow out of our hearts. Understanding "biblical psychology" - the study of the soul - is vitally important to understanding who were were intended to be as humans, what has gone wrong with us, and how we are redeemed and transformed by Father-God's work in Christ through His Holy Spirit.


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