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TSF Vision and Mission

Christ we proclaim - warning and teaching all people with all wisdom so that we may present each person mature in Christ. Toward this goal we labor, struggling according to His power that works powerfully within us." | Colossians 1:28-29 |

Within each generation, the Gospel -  The Good News - about Jesus Christ must be recovered, re-contextualized and re-proclaimed as the power of God for salvation and transformation for all who believe.  This Gospel exposes and challenges the evil "powers that be" and declares the reality of Jesus Christ as Creator, Savior, and soon returning King of all creation.

Truth Seekers Fellowship exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus by wisely warning and teaching all people that there is no other way to truth and life other than Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the Word of Truth that initiates, sustains and perfects our relationship with God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. As Paul says above, we will labor toward this goal with all His power that works powerfully within us.

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