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"Study to show yourself approvedĀ . . . " (2 Timothy 2:15)

Revelation has fascinated and mystified its readers since John received it in the late 1st Century. The books full title, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, reveals its focus: the arrival and appearing (revelation) of Jesus Christ as Lord and King of all. Revelation is not just the last book of the Bible; it is the culmination of the narrative contained in the previous 65 books.

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MilktoMeat is our "curriculum for Christlikeness." In this 6 unit study, we explore all the foundational truths that you need to understand why Jesus Christ and His way of life can transform your life.

Studies in the Hebrew Scriptures

These are all our studies in the Hebrew Scriptures, commonly called the Old Testament.

Studies in the Greek Scriptures

These are all our studies in the Greek Scriptures, commonly called the New Testament.

Eschatology Collection

Eschatology is the study of what the Bible teaches about the "end of things" - the last days, the end times. This is a collection of theological and Biblical studies to help you understand this complex and controversial topic more clearly.

Church History Collection

Knowing where we have come from is important for understanding where we are and where we are headed. We offer two studies based on Church History. The first is and overview of key people and events in the history of the Church. The second takes a look at some of the divisive theological issues that produced all the different denominations.