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Day 13: How Does Jesus Relate to the Master Story?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-22

John 5:39–40 
[Jesus said,] “You study the Scriptures throughly because you think you have eternal life in them. Yet they testify about Me! And you are not willing to come to Me so that you may have life.”

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Day 12: What is the Master Story of the Bible?
PT 02

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-21

Today, we finish our “birds-eye-view” of the Master Story revealed in the Bible. At the end of this present age of human history, Jesus will return to set things right.


Day 11: What is the Master Story of the Bible?
PT 01

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-20

Today, we begin to trace the Master Story revealed in the Bible. Looking at things from a high view, we will see how the Bible answers some of our fundamental life questions: Where have we come from? Where are things headed? Why are we here?


Day 10: Why Do We Need a Master Story?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-19

Meaning is one of the greatest needs in human life, one of our deepest hungers —perhaps it is, in the final analysis, the most basic need in the realm of the human experience.”

~ Dallas Willard, Renovation of the Heart ~


Day 9: Review & Overview

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-18

This week, we begin with a review and overview. We review what we shared last week and we give a brief preview of our readings for this week.


Day 8: What is a Reliable Pattern of Life Transformation?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-14

…the greatest need you and I have—the greatest need of collective humanity—is renovation of our heart. That spiritual place within us from which outlook, choices, and actions come has been formed by a world away from God. Now it must be transformed.

[Dallas Willard, Renovation of the Heart, 14]


Day 7: What is The Heart and Mind?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-02-13

Today, we look a little closer at the Heart and the Mind. Often, people are confused about the “psychology” – the teaching about our “inner selves” – of the Bible. We are going to try and clarify some of the key ideas that help us understand what is going on within ourselves – in our thoughts, desires and emotions. These things are important to understand because these are the places where Father God does His work within us.