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TSF 2020 FALL Classes

Due to the continued uncertainty of things related to COVID, we are going to postpone our Fall class start up. During this time, we will be working on printed materials and our online resources.

In the meantime, the best way to keep connected is through our blog, our podcast, and our email updates. If you are not already subscribed to the email, please do so using the form just to the right - our goal is to send out an update every other week, or as needed (We will not flood your inbox!)

These are difficult times for us all, so let's stay connected and pray for one another - especially for those most affected by this pandemic.

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Follow Jesus for Life: TSF Podcast

Our podcast streams all our current studies in progress. In the days ahead we will be featuring interviews and conversations with people who can help you grow. We are also working on some Q&A episodes where we will be answering some "most asked questions" along with questions you would like to get the answers to.

Discover some of our available resources:

What Others Love About TSF

"I have been in Bible studies for years. What I have learned through TSF has helped me see the big picture and connect all the dots."
- Ann -

"Milk to Meat has resonated with me in a unique way. I see in it the opportunity to reach out to our culture that is craving to know more about Jesus. I have seen incredible growth and intensity in others to seek the Lord and draw closer to Him as I share what I have learned through Milk to Meat."
- Kyle -

“Seriously, I have learned more from MilktoMeat than I did in seminary. Seminary taught me about being knowledgeable about God, but MilktoMeat has taught me how to be transformed by His Word.”
- Drew -

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