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Truths That Set You Free

The series of lectures that started it all....

What is the difference in being spiritually "Dead in Adam" vs. being "Alive in Christ"? How can we find fulfillment in life? How can we learn to deal with life's pressures with God's wisdom? How can we learn to maximize our time? How can we know that we have victory over death in Christ?  This book was created as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Truth Seekers Fellowship. Originally a "live" study, this book is a transcription of Tom's teaching from 1993. This study was the "seed" from which the larger MilktoMeat teaching curriculum developed. Each of the twelve chapters builds on Tom's challenge, "Make your journey worthy of your destination."


Recovering The Master Story (MTM Phase 1 Part 1)

The 1st workbook of MilktoMeat

Where have we come from? Where are we heading? Why are we here? These are all foundational life questions that guide us in discovering the meaning of life. Recovering The Master Story is the first study in the MilktoMeat series and focuses on creating a frame of reference for understanding the reality of life. We explore Bible based, Christ focused, transformative answers to these core questions.


Enlightened By The Gospel (MTM Phase 1 Part 2)

The 2nd workbook in MilktoMeat

We explore what it means to have new spiritual life in Christ. The Gospel is the good news that although we have rebelled against Father-God our Creator, Christ His Son has come to call us back, heal us, and give us new life through the Spirit. We focus on Christ's work on the Cross and what He has accomplished for us through His self-sacrifice.


Realizing Your New Identity in Christ (MTM Phase 2 Part 1)

The 3rd workbook of MilktoMeat

What does it mean to be "In Christ"? What is our position vs. our condition? How has Christ blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places? In order to grow to maturity in Christ, we need to know how much we are loved by the Father, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit. In this study, we look at all the ways Father-God has provided for our spiritual needs through what Jesus Christ has done for us.


Rooted and Growing in Christ (MTM Phase 2 Part 2)

The 4th workbook of MilktoMeat

How do we continue to grow spiritually, rooted in Christ? In this study, we by discussing the distractions and false teachings that can lead us away from the Way of Christ. We then focus on some practical issues of spiritual warfare and how to walk in Christ in our daily struggles. We discuss putting on the full Armor of God to deal with the "external" attacks of the Enemy and putting on the "New Person" in Christ to deal with our "internal" struggles with the sin that still lives within us.


Empowered In The Spirit (MTM Phase 3 Part 1)

The 5th workbook of MilktoMeat

Empowered In The Spirit guides you through the essential truths about the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how He has been given to Christ's people to empower them for love and service. We discuss the "Growth Ministries" of the Spirit and the Spiritual Exercises which help us work His power out in our lives. We also discuss all the ways The Spirit is working to shape us to be like Jesus.

Serving As The Body of Christ (MTM Phase 3 Part 2)

The 6th workbook of MilktoMeat

The 6th and final workbook of MilktoMeat, Serving as The Body of Christ discusses The Church as the Body of Christ and the role each and every member of that Body plays in Christ's eternal work. We discuss the Vision and Mission that defines the Church as well as all the gifts that have been given to it to accomplish Christ's goals for it.

Pursuing God

Movements and Traditions That Have Shaped Christianity in the Western World

In the study of Church History, one of the most difficult questions that surfaces is, “If we are all following Jesus, then why are we heading in so many different directions?” In this brief overview, we take a look at the major movements and traditions that have made a lasting impact on the shape of Christianity in the Western world. It is important to understand where we have come (tradition) and the powerful forces of culture that shape our experience in the world as we pursue God in Christ through His Spirit. This book will help you understand not only what you believe, but why you believe it. Hopefully, it will give you a little glimpse of the grace and wisdom of our Great Savior who is working out His purposes in history, preparing a glorious future that we cannot now fully imagine.