What Type of Person Winds Up In Hell?


Hell is not a popular topic. But it is taught in the Scriptures and its terrifying reality is emphasized by our Lord Jesus. Our buddy Seth Stevens just started a summer series at First Evan on the Doctrine of Hell. Unfortunately, Seth got sick and was not able to do the first session. I was…

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The End of All Things (26) – Judgment and Resurrection

In our final session, we consider some major points about the judgment to come and the resurrection. For those “in Christ” we know that we will be blameless when we see Him. We will also be praised for the good we have done “through Him.” We also consider the primary significance of the resurrection as…

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The End of All Things (22) – The Future of Israel Part 1

In this session we look at a couple of passages in 1 Corinthians about the completion of our salvation in Christ and then turn to our main topic: the future of national, ethnic Israel. Is the Lord through with Israel as a distinct people group, or does He still have plans for them? Download the…

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