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Ideas That Kill


Recently, I heard a podcast and read an article called “Five Agreements That Are Killing Millennials” by John Eldredge. We all realize that there have been massive shifts in the way our culture processes reality. I am providing links to these resources because I think they have great information about where we are and where…

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The Lasting Impact of David Brainerd


Wayne Sneed (of Orphanos) recently sent me an article written by John Piper about David Brainerd. Brainerd is a name you might not even recognize. His impact on Christianity in the West has, nevertheless, been significant. Thought I would pass this link along as it is challenging and inspiring. His Suffering Sparked a Movement: John…

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Classes Begin Soon!


It is almost time for classes to start up and this year we will focus on The End Times and Last Things as we finish our study of Biblical Eschatology.

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Jesus is Our Life

“What difference does Jesus make?” or more simple “Why Jesus?” is one of the most significant questions we can ask. It cuts right to the heart of Jesus significance to all of life.

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