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Day 48: What Are the Two Options for Eternity?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-23

When we began this study we said that it was important to realize that every human being who has existed will exist forever. We are now getting to some of the “meat” truths of the Bible and some things that are difficult for us to think about, but we must. 

Just as their are only two types of people, spiritually speaking—those who are “alive in Christ” and those who are still “dead in Adam”—so also there are only two eternal options for everyone: either live in the presence of God (eternal life) forever or away from His presence (eternal death).


Day 47: What Will Happen on The Day of Judgment?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-22

Today, we begin to discuss what can be a terrifying subject for some: the Day of Judgment. The Scriptures make it clear that there is a day coming when every human being must stand before God to give an account of how they have spent their time on earth. Although this is a sobering idea, it does not have to be a terrifying one. We are warned that this day is coming and so we are able to prepare for it – Jesus Himself has given us what we need to prepare for this day.


Day 46: What Will Father God Do to Complete His Plans?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-21

Revelation 11:15
Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven saying: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever.”

History is moving toward a certain end, a sure conclusion. The Lord-God planned for this conclusion in the past and is now moving all things toward it. A day will come when this world—now ruled by sin, death, and shame—will be overtaken by the Kingdom of the Beloved Son. When this Kingdom comes, all things will be set right and everyone will be put in their proper place. 


Day 45: What is the Father God doing IN Christ THROUGH the Holy Spirit?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-17

Acts 2:39
For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call.

In the present times, God the Father, in His goodness, is calling men and women from all nations to see the glory of the Son. The Truth of Jesus the Son’s identity is confirmed by the work of the Holy Spirit. Father-God has sent His Son to save us from sin, death, and corruption and He is now calling many to Himself through the work of the Spirit.


Day 44: How Is the Holy Spirit At Work IN CHRIST?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-16

Today we want to take a brief look at some of the key things that the Holy Spirit does for all those who place their trust in Christ. In a later study, we go into more detail on these. For now, it is important that you see what God the Father and Son are doing in the World through the work of the Holy Spirit.


Day 43: How Is the Holy Spirit At Work NOW?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-15

Today, we begin to take closer look at the work of the Holy Spirit. The reality of the Holy Spirit and His work is one of the most neglected topics in some circles. But we need to know how the Spirit is at work in order to grow in the Way of Jesus. Jesus reveals that He would send the Spirit to work both 1) in the World and also 2) in His people. First, we focus on what Jesus teaches about the Spirit’s work in the World.


Day 42: How Are The Father and Son At Work NOW?

By Stacy Tyson | 2024-04-14

2 Corinthians 13:13
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and
the love of God and
the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

 This week, we focus on how The Father, Son and Spirit are at work now. It is important to realize that Jesus is still at work in our world. As the Father and Son oversee all things from the Heavenly Realm, they have sent the Holy Spirit to work powerfully in our world. For all those who are “in Christ”, the Spirit brings the personal presence of Christ Himself so that Christ indwells us and empowers us to do all things for the glory and pleasure of the Father.