Hope, Trust and Love in the Age of Fear | Part 3


The Love of Christ Controls Us Martin Luther posed a powerful question in the open letter called “Whether One May Flee a Deadly Plague” or “Whether One May Flee Death.” Written during the time when the plague was ravaging Europe, Luther says the proper question to ask is not, “What would Christ do?” but, “What…

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Hope, Trust and Love in the Age of Fear | Part 2

While in seminary, a student asked one of our church history profs, “What is the greatest false assumption we are making now?” His answer: “We assume that our way of life will go on and on uninterrupted. But as with all cultures that have come before us, our American experiment and experience will come to…

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Hope, Trust and Love in the Age of Fear | Part 1


In AD 165, at the apex of Roman power in the West, the Antonine Plague erupted. It is also called the Plague of Galen named after a physician who observed and recorded the symptoms of the contagion. This plague would last till AD 180 and although there is some debate, some estimates say that as…

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Ideas That Kill


Recently, I heard a podcast and read an article called “Five Agreements That Are Killing Millennials” by John Eldredge. We all realize that there have been massive shifts in the way our culture processes reality. I am providing links to these resources because I think they have great information about where we are and where…

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Jesus Gives Thanks


I hope you are all rejoicing and giving thanks on this Thanksgiving 2017. I got up early this morning and thought I would write out a short piece that has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks. This year, I have been reading through the Gospels. As we got closer to Thanksgiving,…

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